History of Terra

My historical document for my FrontierSpace campaign is finished.  I still need to detail the star systems and non-human races (there are still variables in the text because of this), but the main body is complete.  I hope to publish it someday.

Edward E. Simbilist, my inspirational source for this document, I dedicate this work to you.  If you were alive today to see it, you may not have agreed with the direction I went with our old planet.  I hope you will understand that we could agree to disagree and say my version has a little more “meat” in the text.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about: I paralleled the Late Mr. Simbilist’s work that he did for his Space Opera RPG – published by Fantasy Games Unlimited.  I liked his work, but had a few issues with it:

1.  The way Earth/Terra’s history was written was way too utopian to be taken seriously.  Humanity was too pacifistic in his version.  When the outer colonies revolted, Earth just stood there and watched.  When the Great Catastrophe happened, humanity became too overly repentant and had too much idealism to be real – or fun.  My version remains, in my own humble opinion, more true to human nature.

2. NO CULTURE-ADJUSTING ALIEN MANIPULATION!!!  Come on!  I HATE this cop-out.  We, as a race, developed the nasty mass-killing weapons on our own; no outside influence needed.  We can do our own social and technical engineering on our own, thank you very much.  Aliens are in my campaign.  Some have even visited pre-space-fareing Earth.  They didn’t do any major alterations to us; they merely observed.

The text I wrote is original.  I was inspired by Simbilist’s work.  I did not plagiarize it.  I think the way I detailed some of the conflicts humanity has been committing to shows this.

I hope to have it published somewhere – even in a free Emagazine.  I have proposed the idea to Frontier Explorer (http://frontierexplorer.org/).  Maybe they will bite.