The Solar Alliance: Mercury

This is not finished, but I am posting a blurb about 29th century Mercury. Enjoy!


Gravity: .38g
Min/Max Temperatures: -173/427 °C

Mercury, the closest world from Sol, is an important power and mining center for the entire system. It’s density make it second only to Terra in the system. The reason for this is because the majority of the world (75%) is made of metals.

Mercury is not independent; as of 2801, it is still a protectorate of Terra. Several Terran-based companies have mining operations on Mercury and either sell the minerals, usually to Martian factories, or process them with their own facilities. The power stations on the planet are also prolific. The main source of parabattery manufacturing and recharging in the Sol System is all around the planet.

Life here is hard. The temperature in the day versus night is comparable to Luna. This, as well as the length of daylight – 30 Terran days, is the main reason that most of the mining and power factories on the planet are mobile. They prefer to be on the dark side, using the public launchpads to propel their cargo to orbit (all launchpads on Mercury are public domain).

Near the equator, the solar collectors are found. They are placed all around the planet and are stationary. Power from the collectors is transmitted through the network and is collected by mobile charging stations. The parabatteries, like the minerals, are then launched into orbit via high-g rocket boosters. The goods in orbit are then collected and distributed to where they need to go. >>PARABATTERY COMPANY NAME<< is the main company on Mercury. It controls 90% of parabattery production and distribution. >>MINING COMPANY ALPHA<< has its facilities here to collect resources to be transported to its orbital factories around Luna. >>MINING COMPANY BETA<< Transports its goods to its Martian factories at Olympus City. The relationship between >>MCA<< and >>MCB<< is tense on the planet. Each company accuses the other of sabotaging their equipment. Things may be boiling over soon.