“My story? To tell it is not easy, but I guess I need to.

“I was born on Dantooine. My parents were simple farmers who emigrated to the planet from Corellia. We, as in me and my brother, Heinrick, grew up on the farm working it as well as hunting in our spare time.

“The ruins of an old Jedi temple were not far from our home. Our parents forbade us from going there, but we went anyway. Sifting through the ruins, one day, we found someone.

“His was Jedi Master Kanin. He said he sensed us and came here to Dantooine because of that. He wanted to take us away to the re-established Jedi Temple on Tython. We all went back to the family farm. Our parents weren’t happy at all to see Master Kanin. Master Kanin was persuasive, however, and our parents eventually relented. Master Kanin obtained passage on a transport that would take us to Tython.

“Little did any of know, however, that Heinrick was already contacted.

“About a month before meeting Master Kanin, Heinrick met another – a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Perfidious. He promised my brother to train him quickly to the way of “true power.” Heinrick was always the impatient one. I look behind me now and I should have already seen this. Then again, hindsight is 20/20-vision.

“We were on the transport when an emergency happened en route to Tython. Power went out all over the ship – except for a single lifepod. As Master Kanin was helping the crew try to get power back, I made my way to the lifepods – and found Heinrick there about to jettison.

“I couldn’t stop him in time. He jettisoned and made it to another transport nearby. I found out it was headed for Korriban…..

“One day, I will meet him again. On that day, maybe I can show him the error of his choices. If not, I don’t know what I will do….”