Ship: Swift Wind

Ship Name: Swift Wind
Shipyard/Company: PDSR
Ship Type: Frigate
Date of Manufacture: 25 August, 2784

Primary Ratings:

Structure: 80
Handling: 45
Targeting: 70
Scanners: 60
Computer: 60


Nova Drive: 0.5 LY/dy
Pulse Drive: 3 AU/hr
Atmo Drive: n/a


Hull Points: 266 (Subsystem 54)
Capacitors: 190 (Recharge 2/rnd)
Fuel Tanks: 60 (Scoop 3/hr)
Provisions: 2 years


Frame: Large, Security
Crew/Pass: 5/150
Power Core: Type III Reactor
Docking Space: Too Large
Cargo Hold: 407 CU
Integration: 0 spaces remaining
Hardpoints: 0 remaining

Integrated Tech:
Subspace Radio
Backup Subspace Radio
Artificial Intelligence
PER 50, INT 50, Modified violence interlock (can be overridden by passcode), Pilot +0, Technician (starship) +0, Academic (politics/law) +10
Engineering Center
Hangar (195 CU: 2 starfighters, 3 runabouts, 4 shuttles, 2 workpods)
Spare Payloads (3, already added to weapons)
Robotics Lab (38 CU)
Sick Bay (5 patients)
Tech Lab (40 CU)
Tractor Beam

Military Ballistic Screen
every 2HP drains 1 capacitor
Military Reflec Screen
every 2HP drains 1 capacitor
Anti-Missile Defense
drains 5 capacitors to stop one missile/rocket
Proximity Defense
drains 2 capacitors, 2D(B) damage, proximity triggered

1x Torpedo
7Dx10 dmg, Range 10h, Payload 2
1x Laser Cannon
1-5D(B) (or 6D(B) for 10-shot burst), Range 8h,
Uses 1-5 capacitors/shot
2x Guided Missile
5Dx10 damage, Range 8h, Payload 2 (each)

PDSR: PDSR ships suffer -0.5 LY/dy to Nova Drives. Weapon Philosophy: 50% +1 hardpoints must be missile/rocket launchers. All guns -33% range.

The ::Swift Wind:: represents a typical frigate of the PDSR (Peoples’ Democratic Socialist Republic). Its slow nova drive is the result of the PDSR’s lower technical expertise in this field. The weapon loadout is also typical: missiles and rockets over guns. The PDSR’s military economy mass-produces missiles and missile parts on an enormous scale. This is part of the plan for the politburo to provide work for all PDSR citizens.

The ship’s AI has improved skill in Academic (politics/law) because ships’ AI in this nation usually act as the ship’s political officer – training the crew, maintaining morale, and transmitting information back to HQ of any dissident activity.

The vessel’s cargo hold usually stores extra missile ordinance. Crews take the standard time moving the weapons into the corresponding payload bays when it is needed. The caveat to this is that there are chances of major explosive damage if the cargo is hit in combat. Nevertheless, the PDSR doe not consider this to be a problem; frigates are produced by the tens of thousands every month and are the main force for local system defenses (Systems in the PDSR are not allowed to deploy their own forces) as well as in the Kosmoflot (Kosmoflot). Many of these frigates are also configured for deep space exploration – less missiles and more scientific equipment.

You may find the Свифт ветер near the PDSR/Solar Alliance border. Her captain is a Human female named Kапитан Lейтенант Viktorya Dimitrova (Lieutenant Commander Viktorya Dimitrova). She rose through the ranks through honest work. From a low (non-party) family, Viktorya successfully entered the Kosmoflot at the age of 17. She graduated near the top of her class. She started her career aboard system patrol boats in various systems. Within 10 years, she received he promotion to the Field-Grade Officer Corps as well as her first command – The Свифт ветер. She has had this command for two years and hopes to have command of a larger ship, eventually.

She is a fair Captain who tends to ask questions before shooting. Her AI, an entity going by the name of IVAN, sometimes is at odds with her. So far, IVAN has not reported anything to HQ; if the Captain does something truly disloyal, however, IVAN has stored much data about every little discrepancy that she has committed. This data will all be used for her court-marshal…..