Ship: Royal Flush (Pink Flamingo)

Ship Name: Royal Flush (Pink Flamingo)
Shipyard/Company: Hydra
Ship Type: Ocelot-Class Fast Transport
Date of Manufacture: 29-4-2750
Price (Absolute/Adjusted): 8,500,000©/ 6,250,000©

Primary Ratings:

Structure: 65
Handling: 55 (3 upgrades)
Targeting: 50 (1 upgrade)
Scanners: 50
Computer: 50 (2 upgrades)


Nova Drive: 2 LY/day (2 upgrades) MAX
Pulse Drive: 3 AU/hr
Atmo Drive: 250 kph (1 upgrade)


Hull Points: 120 (Subsystem 24)
Capacitors: 20 (Recharge 1/rnd)
Fuel Tanks: 50 (Scoop 3/hr) (2/2 upgrades)
Provisions: 310 (1 upgrade)


Frame: Medium, Industrial (Maximum Upgrade: 4)
Crew/Pass: 2/8 (1/0 upgrades)
Power Core: Type II Reactors
Docking Space: Too Large
Cargo Hold: 400 CU
Integration: 0 space remaining
Hardpoints: 0 remaining

Integrated Tech:
PER 50, INT 50, Diplomat +0, Pilot +0, Science (Planetary) -10, Technician (Starships) -10
Subspace Radio
Engineering Center
Hangar (100 CU: typically 2 runabouts, 3 shuttles, 1 workpod)
Sickbay (1 patient)


Security Ballistic Screen. Each 1HP drains 1 capacitor
Security Reflec Screen. Each 1HP(B) drains 1 capacitor


1 x Auto Turret. 2D (or 5D for 5-shot burst), Range 5h, Payload 20


The Royal Flush represents a common site in the frontier regions of space. Having said that, each individual transport vessel can be quite unique – whether it is intended or not.

The over-50-year-old vessel looks like a rust bucket; her outer hull seems to look like it will fall apart any minute, the reactor sounds like it is straining against the hull, waiting to burst out of engineering, and the passageways are soaked in what looks like blood. Twenty days of cleaning the walls haven’t completely removed it. With all that, however, the Royal Flush is still a reliable light freighter vessel that keeps together.

This ship changed many hands. She started as a light freighter transporting ore for a fledgling mining company, Monroe Prospects, L.L.C.. When the Bug war broke out, her Nova Drive was upgraded to 2LY/day. She was also commandeered by Terran Imperial forces to serve as a supply transport for fleet support.

She survived the war. When it was over, she was sold via government auction. Another corporation secured it for light trade operations in the northern sectors of the empire-turned-republic. She was declared lost in space in 2795….

In 2801, a group of entrepreneurs discovered her in deep space in the New Texas System. The ship was abandoned and there was blood on the walls. No bodies were left on-board and all the life rafts were still intact. What happened to the previous crew is a mystery…….

Mechanical Troubles:

Blood stained passenger area: The blood is so bad two separate layers of interior paint have failed to cover it up effectively.

Jury-rigged panels: The outer panels have been replaced by poorly manufactured parts (of a different color, of course). Doesn’t affect performance, but looks ugly.

Fuel rod inserters: The starship has trouble starting up its reactor core to power its nova drive. Whenever you start it, there is a 50% chance that it will take 1-10 turns to get it started. Otherwise it sputters to life with labored groans.