Ship: Jackalope

Ship Name: Jackalope
Shipyard/Company: Hydra
Ship Type: Runabout
Date of Manufacture: 15-11-2778
Price (Absolute/Adjusted): 905,000©/678,750©

Primary Ratings:

Structure: 50
Handling: 60
Targeting: 55 (1 upgrade)
Scanners: 50 (2 upgrades)MAX
Computer: 30


Nova Drive: 0.5 LY/day
Pulse Drive: 5 AU/hr
Atmo Drive: 1,350 kph (1 upgrade)


Hull Points: 27 (Subsystem 4) (1 upgrade)
Capacitors: 15 (Recharge 3/rnd) (2 /2 upgrades)MAX
Fuel Tanks: 20 (Scoop 1/hr)
Provisions: 120 (1 upgrade)


Frame: Tiny, Civilian (Max Upgrade Level: 2)
Crew/Pass: 1/7 (1 upgrade)
Power Core: 4 Type V Parabatteries
Docking Space: 25 CU
Cargo Hold: 11 CU
Integration: 3 spaces remaining
Hardpoints: 0 remaining (1 upgrade)

Integrated Tech:

Subspace Radio


Security Ballistic Screen. Each 1HP(B) drains 1 capacitors


1 x Blast Pod. 2D Damage, Range 5h, 1 cap/shot
2 x Assault Rocket. 2D x 10 Damage, Range 2h, rack


The Jackalope is an example of a paramilitary-upgraded runabout. Many components have received upgrades that make it a good escort for corporate freighters. The weapons have been upgraded to energy-users due to her increased capacitors. Rocket racks have been installed as well. Her computer is still low-end and the pilot must be a top-notch astrogator to warp off the trade lanes.

The vessel was originally commissioned, as The Raven, for an Imperial admiral during the Bug War. Admiral Aki Takashugi, a personal friend of the Empress, received it as a gift. When the entire 17th Imperial fleet was lost during the battle of Yeaux D’Yvette (Altair) in 2784, Admiral Takashigi escaped in The Raven – leaving her crew behind.

When Empress Bowman died, her empire died with her. When the government transitioned to The Solar Alliance, military tribunals, concerning war crimes committed during the conflict with the Bugs, were held. Admiral Takashugi was among the ones tried. She was found guilty of murder against her crew. Eyewitness accounts of the few survivors that made it to the escape pods were admitted. Testimony was also given during her trial that revealed the Admiral kicked people off her runabout at gunpoint while she abandoned ship – even shooting a crew member during the egress. She was found guilty and executed. Her property, including The Raven, was auctioned off.

In 2799, a young pilot, named Dale Sanders picked up the vessel fairly cheaply. He renamed the vessel Jackalope with the hopes of making a name for himself.

Seven passengers fit in comfortable seats, four of which double as additional crew stations if needed. The cockpit and passenger compartment each eject as two separate escape launches when trouble arises.