Ship: Dark Star

Ship Name: Dark Star
Shipyard/Company: Mijönir Shipyards
Ship Type: Scout
Date of Manufacture: 12 January, 2790
Price (Full/Adjusted): 600,000/???

Primary Ratings:

Structure: 55
Handling: 45
Targeting: 60
Scanners: 75
Computer: 50


Nova Drive: 2 LY/dy (2 upgrades MAX)
Pulse Drive: 8 AU/hr (1.1c) (2 upgrades MAX)
Atmo Drive: 950 kph (1 upgrade)


Hull Points: 70 (Subsystem 14)
Capacitors: 20 (Recharge 1/rnd)
Fuel Tanks: 20 (Scoop 1/hr)
Provisions: 200


Frame: Small, Exploration (Max upgrade/system: 3)
Crew/Pass: 1/8 (1 upgrade)
Power Core: Type I Reactor
Docking Space: 250 CU
Cargo Hold: 35 CU (10 CU in hidden hold) (1 upgrade)
Integration: 3 spaces remaining
Hardpoints: 0 remaining

Integrated Tech:
Subspace Radio
Transponder (multi-configured)
Artificial Intelligence
PER 50, INT 50, Pilot +0, Scientist (physical science) +0,
Technician (starship) -10, Marksman +10 (Gunner)
Grapple Clamps
Sick Bay (1 patients)

Security Ballistic Screen
each 1HP drains 1 capacitors
Security Reflec Screen
each 1HP(B) drains 1 capacitors

1x Laser Battery
1-5D(B) damage, Range 8h, Uses 1-5 cap/shot
1x Rocket Battery
3D damage, Range 6h, Payload 10

Mijönir Shipyards: +10 to targeting for all ships.

The Dark Star is an example of a typical scout vessel in the hands of a civilian. Scouts and runabouts are, probably, the most “tricked-out” ships in the galaxy.

The drives on this vessel have been upgraded to almost the best the Solar Alliance has to offer; even the pulse drive is FTL (1.1c). The cargo hold has been modified to store 10 CU worth of smuggled goods in secret compartments (-20 to scan – and local scans only). The science lab has been removed in favor of a larger cargo hold. The docking bay holds an Explorer craft, a hover car, a workpod, and two ground cycles.

The ship’s computer has a female personality that responds to the name “DARLA.” Her anti-violence protocols have been bypassed by successful hacking techniques. DARLA can handle most ship operations by herself, if needed.

The ship can be found in just about any civilized sector in the Milky Way Galaxy (and even in a few uncivilized ones). From the coreward Antares Sector to the rimward Aldebaran Sector, this ship may be found.

The captain of the Dark Star is a Human male called John Merrick. Only a few people know him by that name; John’s alias list is as big as the Orion Nebula. He and his ship is among the PDSR(1) and IH’s(2) Most Wanted list. In the SA(3), he is only accused for smuggling non-aggressive goods to worlds where they are banned. In the other two superpowers, he is wanted for people transport – mainly beings seeking asylum from their mother countries. They are usually brought to either SA space or an independent world that has no expediting treaties with the PDSR and IH. The Dark Star, however, always seems to get away.

The cargo hold has full life support capabilities that can handle more than 100 people, if it is needed. If you are in a bind and don’t see a way out, the Dark Star may just be coming your way……..

1. Peoples’ Democratic Socialist Republic
2. Império do Homem – Empire of Man
3. Solar Alliance