Race: Chiluko

The Chiluko are an engineered race that is based on the Terran rat. An anonymous scientist created them for reasons no longer known. All references to the laboratory work have been erased and nobody seems to know about their origin as well. What is known is that the Chiluko have made their presence known throughout charted space in 2480CE.

Description: Chiluko look like their rat ancestors. They are bipedal beings that average about one meter tall. Their eyes are usually brown, blue, or pink. Their noses are at the edge of a long snout. Their eyes are not as good, mainly because of their snouts getting in the way. Their hearing and smell senses, however make up for it. Their mouths contain what looks like the traditional buck teeth of the rat, but their teeth lost the ability to regenerate like their ancestors’ incisors.. Their arms end in hands that contain four fingers and an opposable thumb. Their fingers and thumbs have claw-like nails that help them dig. They have tails like rats—long and minimally furred. Their voices tend to be higher-pitched than Humans.

Like their rodent ancestors, Chiluko have very high birth rate. A female Chiluko can produce 2D children at once, and can be re-fertilized after two weeks. If they don’t check themselves, they can take over whole worlds in a very short time.

Culture: As a race, Chiluko are really a rather amiable species. They usually take on the cultural trappings of the people around them. Birth control is popular among them; their naturally high level of children promoted this as they went into space. They are usually only aggressive if threatened. They get along with Humans, though they may resent some of them referring to them as “pets.” Pishyakii get along with them, though they like pranking each other.

Nimble: Chiluko receive +5 in AGL and CRD.
Frail: Chiluko receive -5 in STR and WIL
Senses: Chiluko receive +5 to PER checks for Hearing and Scent checks. -5 to PER for sight checks.
Small: Chiluko receive -5 to their BP score.
Size: Short (100 cm)
Legs: Bipedal
Arms: Bibrachial
Diet: Scavenger/Omnivore
Move: 6

The player also chooses from the charts below:

Chiluko Positives (choose 1)

1. Regenerative teeth: can gnaw through rope, wood, and even soft stone at a rate of 1 meter/hour
2. +5 to BP
3. Collapsible skeleton. Can wiggle through openings ¼ their size. ½ damage from bludgeoning attacks
4. Improved running. Move: 12
5. +5 to Thief skill. Many Chiluko excel at this profession.
6. +5 to Explorer skill when it comes to survival.

Chiluko Negatives (choose 1)

1. Cannot regurgitate. -10 to WIL to recover from poison, disease
2. 3Dx100© finders’ fee by rogue scientists wanting your body….for the wrong reasons.
3. Extra -5 on BP
4. Mistaken Identity. All Chiluko look alike, right? Too bad you look like a wanted felon.
5. -2 starting equipment
6. “Mickey” Obsession: The Chiluko believes that they are not a product of genetic engineering. Instead, they believe they are descended from a “Mother Rat” that created the race. Certain comic books and movies from Old Earth’s Family Entertainment Company are all the proof the Chiluko needs to support their beliefs.