Race: Pishyakii – Leopard Snyehk

Pishyakii: Leopard Snyehk

Description: The Pishyakii are a race of bipedal felines. Leopard Snyehk (LS) remind others of snow leopards. They have mostly white fur with black spots all over. Every member of this sub-race have a different spot pattern. Pishyakii, like Terran cats, have retractable claws that they use as weapons. They sometimes augment their claws with cybernetics.

Culture: Pishyakii originally come from the planet they called Rik’Shah (Green Home). It was a green world, though colder than Terra. Even the summers on the world did not remove the snow in most areas. The LS developed in the tundra regions where the land was flat but with lots of trees. They had achieved a level of technology roughly equal to Terra’s early 20th century. It was the 800th year in their cultural timeline (about 4000 Terran years)–when the IH discovered them.
It didn’t take long. The IH blasted their cities with orbital mass cannons, contaminated the flora and fauna, and rounded up several million of them for slavery and laboratory experiments.

Their homeworld is now dead; all life on the world is extinct. The IH never even bothered to terraform and re-populate it with Human colonists. The IH did to the LS what they normally do to non-Humans–especially the ones that don’t look too much like the Master Race. Some were kept as pets; others were used for military training (i.e. target practice). On one world, however, there was a change.

On the planet Helga III, in the Danube System, the local Pishyakii slaves staged a revolt. They stole ships and warped out of the system. Other Pishyakii heard the news and revolts started all over IH space. The IH sent their fleets to hunt them down, but about several million escaped to Imperial (IKT) space about 50 years ago. The Pishyakii were exterminated in their space, although they left their mark on their “masters.”

Pishyakii are predators; they know how to hunt without weapons. Many an IH citizen, soldier, or officer have been vivisected by their claws. Quite a few aristocrats had their hearts ripped out by ex-slaves. Their freedom was won by blood, payback for their world.

Many people were very nervous dealing with the cats when they hit IKT space. The LS settled on worlds in the Terran sector. When they also found a world that resembled their home in the 82 Eridani System, they decided to call it Dis Rik’Shah (Next Green Home). Upon this discovery, most LS have emigrated there. When the Bugs came, they fought with the same ferocity as the did against the IH. Their world was liberated in 2782.

Other kinds of Pishyakii made it to other words – which will be detailed in a later document.

Size: Medium (175 cm)
Legs: Bipedal
Arms: Bibrachial
Diet: Predator
Move: 10

Agile: Leopard Snyehk have the feline grace of their ancestors. They start with a +10 AGL

Fine Manual Dexterity: LS receive a -10 CRD because their hands are not as nimble.

Reputation: Bloodthirsty: Pishyakii can be cruel to their foes, often toying with them for simple amusement. They rarely take prisoners and feel little compunction about punishing captured foes. They have -10 CHA among “civilized” types.

Enemy: IH: Pishyakii society rose at the expense of another. The IH paid the cost. Members of each culture suffer a –10 CHA when dealing with each other. Unless fettered by other authorities or common goals, individuals of the two races typically attack each other on sight.

Natural Weaponry: All Pishyakii have retractable claws that do +1D Armor-piercing damage.

Low Light Vision: Pishyakii eyes amplify light. They can see in the dark and ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.