Race: Trituri


Description: The Trituri are a race of amphibian bipeds, much like Terran salamanders. They walk upright (in their adult stage) and have very jittery personalities. Their strength is greater than the average Human, but their intelligence is not as honed.

Trituri begin their lives as water—breathing fish with an animal-like intelligence. They are born from eggs hatched in shallow fresh water. The mother usually lays no more than two eggs at one time. She can become fertile again in one local year(six standard months). For the first five years of life, they swim in lakes maintained by the whole community. Around 10 local years, their young start shedding their gills and develop lungs. They also start to show intelligence. Within a year, they develop their vocal chords and the community starts to educate them. By their 12th local year, they start developing their limbs. At 15, they fully walk upright and begin formal education-which lasts until they are 40 (20 standard years).

Culture: Trituri come from a world they call Bra’ak (Home). It orbits Groombridge 1618 –- a K-class main sequence star. They were contacted by Humans from the world of Petrov in 2421. When the Humans decided to contact the Trituri, they reached orbit around their homeworld and began broadcasting messages. They were contacted shortly and language exchange started.

After two months of radio contact, the governing body gave permission for the Humans to land. When the Trituri saw the Humans up close, they could hardly believe what they saw. They had already observed Humans through video transmissions, but they thought the Humans were fooling with them. They could not believe that mammals like Humans could ever achieve intelligence; their biologists came to this conclusion. Their knowledge of biological science was amended immediately.

Size: Tall (215-240 cm)
Legs: Bipedal
Arms: Bibrachial
Diet: Scavenger/Omnivore
Move: 8

Regeneration: The creature regenerates quickly. They heal a 1 BP/hour naturally.

Semi-Aquatic: Trituri are semi-aquatic and can hold his breath for 15 minutes before checking for drowning. Their Pace in water is equal to their Swimming skill.

Strong: Trituri start with a +10 STR

Slow-Witted: Trituri have -10 to INT.

Robust: Trituri start with +10 BP

Water-Dependency: Trituri need to keep their skin moist. They prefer humid environments and will suffer one Fatigue per day in dry climates.

Cold-Blooded: Trituri cannot maintain body temperature. -5 to STR, AGL, CRD, and WIL per 5o C (round up)from comfort zone (20-25o C)

The Path of the Brute

+5 STR, temperature tolerance raised to 10-35o C, -5 INT. -2 MOV. The Trituri that choose this path usually become bodyguards for various organizations. Many Mega-corporate CEO’s pride themselves on the quality of their Trituri protection.

The Path of the Mind

+5 INT, -5 STR, +5 to Academic specializations. Curious to a fault. Many Trituri pursue scientific endeavors. Many get into trouble in their endeavors. When a member of this path sights a scientific curiosity, they must make a WIL check to avoid obsessing about it. Referees are encouraged to assign specific difficulties to specific checks.